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​I’m Sakura - possibly the ‘worst high class’ Mistress in London. I’m only joking, but don’t we all say we’re the best!

For me respecting the limits, respect, safety, trust and having fun are the most important things about BDSM. You should feel nervous, yet safe as you journey into your innermost fantasies and desires, and be able to explore your submissive side.

I am a caring and creative Mistress, with a wide range of interests. Often mischievous and inventive in my approach to kink, with a sadistic sense of humour and an open mind, finding allure in the most unusual and ‘weird’ requests.

As your Mistress, I can be soft and sensual, or cruel and sadistic - this all depends on you. Are you a novice who requires a strict but gentle Mistress… or a well seasoned pervert who delights in misbehaving, just to feel the stroke of my cane on your skin? Maybe even a little slut, who would like some training so you may one day graduate into a full service whore?

Lets explore your fantasies together, whatever they are. Wouldn’t you much rather find out in reality, than live another second wondering all that might be? 


Late twenties

5”2’ or 1,59m

English, Chinese-Latin

Favourite Drink
I love to indulge in expertly
crafted Cocktails or Absinthe.

Favourite Food
Japanese Teppanyaki and
Gourmet Tasting Menus

Le Parfum by Ellie Saab or
​Alien by Thierry Muggler


From the moment I start the design process of your session, choose an outfit and prepare our play-space, to the way we finish our time together, I like ensuring each encounter you have with me feels special and fun. For this, each time is carefully planned and tailored to fit your favourite fetishes and kinky needs, taking into account all that you’ve told me about yourself. Part of the thrill of BDSM is knowing that you are under my full control, that we will be delving into each and every one of your kinks, and over time pushing your limits (if you are brave enough for it!) and you will be released with a smile on your face, and fond memories to remember as you walk down the street.


Coming from a lifestyle background within BDSM I know how to distinguish fantasy from reality, and firmly believe there’s a time and place for everything, and whatever is agreed behind closed doors, should stay there.

I began my journey into BDSM on my early teens, though I didn’t know it’s name back then. To me, I simply enjoyed making patterns with rope and tying limbs, playing the villain when we played cowboys and damsels in distress… I discovered my role as a Dominant with one of my first boyfriends, when I came home to find him in my underwear and punished him for it - and yes, I know this is a common fantasy for many of you, and appears in a lot of movies, but I promise you it is true and we are still friends! (Though I wonder if he still wears panties?) It was only years later that I discovered these particular fetishes were called rope bondage, feminization and humiliation.

It wasn’t until sometime in my early twenties, however, that I made de decision that I wanted to work in the adult industry as a professional Dominatrix - it seemed like the obvious course for me. And so I got in touch with a few Manchester BDSM establishments to learn new skills and perfect the ones I already knew.

I have recently moved to North London where I am sessioning from a fully equipped, exquisitely luxury dungeon in Seven Sisters.


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