Small Penis Humiliation

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I've been filming some videos for my Clips4Sale site recently and I have just completed one on SPH or small penis humilation, which is in the middle of being edited right now. This made me think about this particular fetish and why I like it so much.

The sight of a pathetic, tiny dick does give me pleasure. It gives me something to laugh at and you know it is very good to laugh. Just the thought of a tiny thing like that being so important to a man amuses me. Of course, I do not think such tiny objects should even be referred to as penises. They do not deserve that title. They are little, sissy clitties and as such should be locked up in chastity and only ever covered by nice, satin, girly panties.

When you come to session with me, I may deign to judge your pathetic contribution to masculinity to see whether it is worthy. Whether it fulfils my strict criteria for being called a penis or not. If it fails, and it will for very few pass my exacting standards, I will expect to see it locked up and covered in satin very quickly or you will suffer the consequences.

Though, to be honest, I am not sure any punishment I can inflict on you will be as bad as the knowledge that you have a tiny penis.


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Posted on 20th January 2019

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